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One of the purposes of the Christ and Cultures Gathering is to help people find their voice. We want to explore further what that might mean. It can differ according to circumstances.

Sometimes people are blocked from finding their voice because they cannot communicate well in the dominant language; sometimes gender and age can play a role; sometimes a person may have had a voice in proceedings but somehow it was then taken away from them.

There are many ways of expressing voice as we shall see and nurture. It can be through speaking and oratory; it can be writing or finding new ways to express thoughts through the social media. Works of art, dance and music as well as composing songs and hymns can be a vehicle for voice.

Our hope is to explore the ways in which voice is heard. The underlying hope is that we may find new ways in which Christ speaks to us in and through our cultural diversity.

Prayer for December 13

We continue to pray for Lebanon and West Papua in the month of December. You can include these prayers into you Prayers of Intercession or Pastoral Prayers. We do ask that you pray for both countries equally. To receive these prayers by email each week, subscribe to our prayer list. Prayer for Lebanon God of joy, you create the Cedars […]

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Stella Moosoon Kim

Church is the body of the Christ. The body of the Christ is made of various different parts, all precious but all different. My journey in this new land started from a small group set up for Korean women by the Lakemba Uniting Church, where I helped as a volunteer. With learning experiences of isolated and vulnerable pilgrimage people I offered my […]

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