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Prayer for December 6

Prayer for December 6

We have taken the initiative to bring to you a prayer request for the month of December. We are working on bringing different short prayers to you each week. We are looking for people who want to write prayers. So, if you are interested let us know. Feel free to share and distribute these prayers.

The two countries we have picked for the month of December are Lebanon and West Papua. Below is some information about the country and a short prayer you can include in your prayers of intercession or prayers of the people. We ask that you pray for both countries.


Lebanon is that tiny country that stands between Syria and Israel. It is  only 10,452 square kilometers, hence, hard to spot on a map. The population was approximately 4,254,583 in 2010. From the start of the Syrian civil war, UNHCR has recorded over 1,000,000 refugees in Lebanon. Another 1,000,000 efugees are also presumed to have entered Lebanon but not registered.
Two days before the bombing in France, suicide bombers attacked a residential area in the Capital City of Beirut. more that 50 people were killed and 200 injured.


God of Love,
who knows our fears and trepidations, guide us with your presence as we seek to be companions to our brothers and sisters in Lebanon. Comfort the families of the victims of violence and terrorism in Lebanon and all who grieve for them. Be with the Middle East as it suffers from the birth pains of political turmoil and social struggle. We pray also for the millions of refugees who now call Lebanon their home. We pray for the safety of those preparing for dangerous journeys toward hope. We ask that you preserve the unity of families, the innocence of children, and the courage of parents

West Papua

Ever since the invasion of West Papua over fifty years ago, the Indonesian security forces have committed a never ending catalogue of extreme human rights violations.
Over 500,000 civilians have been killed in a genocide against the indigenous population. Thousands more have been raped, tortured, imprisoned or ‘disappeared’ after being detained. Basic human rights such as freedom of speech are denied and Papuans live in a constant state of fear and intimidation.


Creator God,
you have called into being every living thing and grant them a place to be. Every nation is blessed with your wonderful creation and rich biodiversity. You have created them all for your pleasure and charged us to be responsible stewards. We praise you for the great wealth of West Papua and the beauty of her people and their cultures.

Holy God,
we confess our greed for wealth and power. The plight of the West Papuans is intrinsically linked to the natural resources of the land and sea. Lord, the voice of her people is crying from the blood-soaked land. Pardon us for turning a blind eye and our failure to listen. Forgive our slowness to take action against atrocities taking place in West Papua.