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Prayer for Sunday 28 February

Prayer for Sunday 28 February

In February we continue to pray for the Marshall Islands and Haiti.

If you are interested in writing prayers use the contact us page. We are always looking for people to write prayers. We are also open to other suggestions and willing to look into other ways we can resource the church.

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Prayer for Haiti

We give thanks for the beauty that still lives in Haiti. For people who continue to love and care for others. For the courage and resilience of Haitian people, and for the friendship and solidarity offered by Christian organisations who seek to bring aid. We rejoice in the generosity for people around the world who have prayed, donated, and spoken out in advocacy for the people of Haiti.

We pray for the empowerment of the Haitian people – women and children as well as men; that they might learn how to work for progress with justice and equity, compassion and kindness.

We pray for wisdom in their management of ecological issues and protection against all who seek to deny human rights. Fill Haiti – and us – with your living hope that we might bless one another in your holy name. Teach us to love as you love and to serve as you serve – that your realm might come on earth as it has in heaven.

God, in your mercy

Hear our Prayer

Prayer for Marshall Islands

God of creation, the king tides flow; they sweep away known coastlines; the people flee from one island to another. When will the rolling waves abate? When will a safe haven be found? Let the people protest; let the small island states’ voices be heard; do not let them think that you are angry with them and they are receiving their desserts. In this time of impending crisis, while the creation is groaning, let your Spirit draw near. In Christ’s name, we pray.