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Prayer for Sunday 21 February

Prayer for Sunday 21 February

In February we continue to pray for the Marshall Islands and Haiti.

If you are interested in writing prayers use the contact us page. We are always looking for people to write prayers. We are also open to other suggestions and willing to look into other ways we can resource the church.

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Prayer for Haiti

We remember the devastation of the 2010 earthquake, and the thousands who lost their lives. The problems of homelessness, hunger, sanitation – the ensuing outbreaks of cholera and disease – Lord, these things are the stuff of nightmares – yet, for the people of Haiti, they are still everyday life.

We hold before you those who still live with the grief, the endless tears, the pain and the abiding sense of loss. We pray for the restoration of infrastructure and services and for leaders who can govern with compassion and integrity.

We pray that aid from other countries is delivered with speed and honesty to those who live with such need, and confess our own sense of helplessness in standing by and not knowing how to make a difference.

God, in your mercy

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Prayer for Marshall Islands

How long, O God, must the peoples of those islands where nuclear testing took place cry out in lament for their lost homes, their lost way of life? For how long must they stand firm in the face of diplomatic gestures for the sake of not putting their children and future generations at risk? Let justice flow and healing makes its presence felt.