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Prayer for Sunday 17 January

Prayer for Sunday 17 January

We continue our prayer for Sri Lanka and Iran. If you are interested in writing prayers let us know. There will soon be other prayers posted as well. Share these prayers with your friends. If you are not on the list, you can subscribe to our prayer list.

Prayer for Sri Lanka

Lord of all protector of the vulnerable,
You have promised us that you we never forsake us. You have also promised us your peace. We thank you for all the agencies that work in Sri Lanka and advocate for peace and justice. Yet our human greed keeps us away from your promised, so we pray for the thousands of children in Sri Lanka left orphans during the long war and the massacre during the last stages especially in the north & east where thousands of fathers and mothers have died or made disabled.
We pray for all charitable organizations including the churches who are providing care and education for these children. We pray for the donors from overseas whose compassion which had made it possible.
We pray that these children will grow within safe environment eventually become peace loving and productive citizens of the country.
We pray in Christ’s name who was a child once in this world

Prayer for Iran

God of peace,
You have made human kind in your own peace loving image. As Iran concludes conversations with Indonesia to create better relations, we ask that peace and justice be the cement that brings these great counties together. We pray for friendly relations between Iran and its neighbours.
In a time when relations with Saudi Arabia have deteriorated, other neighbouring countries struggling with terrorism and rebellion, and the presence of foreign forces in the area, we pray for wisdom to all involved and that they tread lightly on the fragile socio-economic and political environment.