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Prayer for Sunday 14 February

Prayer for Sunday 14 February

In February we continue to pray for the Marshall Islands and Haiti.

If you are interested in writing prayers use the contact us page. We are always looking for people to write prayers. We are also open to other suggestions and willing to look into other ways we can resource the church.

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Prayer for Haiti

Living Lord

We continue to hold before you the nation of Haiti – a country beleaguered by poverty and exploitation. Continuing problems of corruption, poor governance, environmental concerns and the enormous divide between the many who live in poverty and the few who amass staggering fortunes continue to project a bleak future for the Haitian people.

We pray you will raise up new leaders for Haiti – people who will govern with compassion, strength and integrity; Leaders who will place the good of their people before the lining of their own pockets.

We pray that your good news will continue to be proclaimed in Haiti – in ways that bring life and love and remind the people of your promise to stand in solidarity with all who are devalued and treated as less.

In your loving grace Lord, may the people of Haiti move towards a bright future of compassion, justice and peace for all.

God, in your mercy

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Prayer for Marshall Islands

Loving God, we pray for a remote and vulnerable people, who through history have been subject to the imperial and colonial designs of others. We give you thanks for the life of independence and political freedom the country now enjoys. We give you thanks for the stands its peoples and their representatives make with other small island states on matters to do with residual radiation and climate change. Give strength to their voice in and through the Spirit of Christ.