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Prayer for December 20

Prayer for December 20

We continue to pray for Lebanon and West Papua in the month of December. You can include these prayers into you Prayers of Intercession or Pastoral Prayers. We do ask that you pray for both countries equally. To receive these prayers by email each week, subscribe to our prayer list.

Prayer for Lebanon

God of love,
How good and pleasant it is when kindred live together in unity.
With your Spirit guide the people of Lebanon to live in unity like the dew of Hermon that falls on the mountains where you ordained your blessing, in religious freedom and life.
In love and patience help the leaders build a community where every contribution is welcomed and every one’s dignity is respected.

Prayer for West Papua

God with us – Emmanuel,
be with your Church in West Papua as they continue to be a haven for the poor and abused.
Grant your church a voice to speak justice upon the nation particularly against the authorities of Indonesia who deny justice for the indigenous peoples of West Papua. Lord, empower the Australian Government to facilitate bilateral talks with the Indonesian Government and provide amicable solutions to the plight of West Papua.