Welcome to the Christ and Cultures Gathering website



To be able to post on the website you need to have registered and requested privileges to post. Use the contact us page and follow the instructions there.

After you receive the email that you have been given the privilege to post, visit the website and login. At the top of the window you will notice a black band with the name of the site on the left “Christ and Cultures Gathering” a comment balloon next to it and “+ New”. If you put your mouse over the “+ New” a list will open including Post, Media and Event. You want to write a post, so click on Post.

You can write in any language that you wish, and the site will try to translate it to English for people who do not understand that language. For more details see below.

You will be taken to the Add New Post page. The first thing you enter is the title of your post. Below that there is a line which starts with Permalink, and the web address of the post when it is published. It is highly advisable that you leave this as is, unless you know how to format web links and addresses.

The large box in the middle of your screen is the text area where you write your post. Just above that you have formatting options and above that the option to add media (photos, videos, etc). The last icon in the formatting options opens a second line of more options. Write your post in the text area and format it as desired. You can click on the preview button at the right, in the publish section, to see how your post will look.

If you wish to allow others to write comments: click on “Screen Options” which is located at the top right below the black band. Find Discussion and tick it. You will now see a section titled Discussion located below “Additional Options for Suffusion” below the text area. You will need to do this only once. By default, comments are not allowed. To allow comments, tick the allow comments option.

If you are writing in a language other than English, it is advisable that you select the language in the “Set post language” section at the bottom of the page. Also use the correct script (font) for that language, otherwise others will not be able to read it. Since the translation is automated, it may not be a good translation. You can help in refining the translation. After the post is published and appears on the website, go to the post on the right lower part of the page, select English (although it will already be selected) in the Translation section, and your post will start to translate into English. Then Click on Edit Translation below the languages list, and you will be able to refine the translation.

For the post to be published in the correct section, check the categories on the right hand side. The exact position will differ depending on your screen, but it should be slightly lower than the area where you have your post. This list may change as we add other options. The currently available options are:

  • Events: These should be announcements of events that will happen. Will be posted in the upcoming events section.
  • Media: These are relevant media and political news. Will be posted in the news section
  • News: These are relevant news from around us, community news, church news etc. Will be posted in the news section
  • Reading: This is for the book we are reading.
  • Research: These are research articles and information. Will be posted in the research section
  • Stories: These are stories of finding our voice, or relevant stories. Will be posted in the stories section
  • Uncategorized: These are posts that do not fit any of the previous sections. These will not appear on the website unless you specifically request it using the contact form. Include post title.

Finally, to get what you have written to appear on the website, click on the Publish button on the right. If you do not see your post immediately, don’t worry. Your post may need to be moderated. If it is relevant and complies with the communication policies of the Uniting Church, it will be accepted.

Happy Posting