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About Us


The Christ and Cultures Gathering came into existence in September 2012 when Stella Kim, Seforosa Carroll, Liva Tukutama, John Jegasothy, Gaby Kobrossi, Kisoo Jang, Clive Pearson and Levon Kardashian came together to support each other in their cross cultural ministry.

is a group of men and women from different cultural backgrounds who have a deep passion and commitment to the Uniting Church in Australia and its declaration of being a multi/cross cultural church. We want to explore what it means to be the Uniting Church in the twenty-first century through the lens of a diversity of cultural perspectives.  We wish to encourage the release of a confident and well informed voice from a wide range of communities.

The Christ and Cultures Gathering does not want to be bound by the institutional structures of the church. We are not a committee of a presbytery, synod or Assembly. We want to explore a new way of finding and expressing our voice. We welcome conversation and the exchange of ideas and practice with others.

There is no formal membership; there are no subscriptions: We are a voluntary association of friends with a common commitment to Christ who enjoy each other’s journey of faith. we invite you to be a fellow disciple in our company.

Core Aims

  • To bear witness to Christ in the midst of cultural and linguistic diversity;
  • To provide a space of friendship  for the discussion and practice of ministries that cross cultures, gender, and generations;
  • To make available relevant resources;
  • To affirm, learn from and stand by the churches beyond these shores which are represented in the life of our own denomination;
  • To support emerging cross-cultural leaders;
  • To sow seeds of institutional change with regards to how a church that is culturally and linguistically diverse organises itself.