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Feb 20,2016 -     Time: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm

It is time for cross-cultural ministry in the Uniting Church to build upon the many claims the church has made on behalf of multi-/cross-cultural ministry. One way of doing so is to explore various ways in which different cultures understand and use the Bible. The Assembly identified a number of key biblical themes which should inform the church’s understanding of being a culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) church in its 2006 document, “A Church For All God’s People”.This workshop is designed to explore what the gospel of Luke – the lectionary gospel for 2016 – has to say on the theme of being inclusive of cultures and gender.

  • What texts and themes emerge?
  • How can these insights inform worship and the practice of ministry throughout 2016?
We realise that this is very short notice but we felt it was important to do it as soon as possible because the workshop is designed to give you the tools and the insights to bring out the cultural inclusivity within the Gospel of Luke, which is the Lectionary Gospel reading for 2016.


North Rocks Community Church
132 North Rocks Rd
North Rocks, NSW 2151

Registration is closed for this event.
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