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Dec 082015

We continue to pray for Lebanon and West Papua in the month of December. You can include these prayers into you Prayers of Intercession or Pastoral Prayers. We do ask that you pray for both countries equally. To receive these prayers by email each week, subscribe to our prayer list.

Prayer for Lebanon

God of joy,
you create the Cedars of Lebanon and give them their majesty to withstand all tribulations for your own pleasure. You exalt it to represent eternity, strength, and endurance. Yet we have cut it down and destroyed it for our own personal pleasures. As we remember the Cedars of Lebanon we also remember the people of Lebanon in their diversity of cultures and faith. We pray for reconciliation where human greed has sown strife and we pray for joy where human pride has sown sorrow.

Prayer for West Papua

God of Advent,
In this festive season,
We pray your compassion upon those whose human rights have been abused; may justice prevail in conditions where the innocent are being arrested and killed. May your Kingdom come upon villages and communities in West Papua whose lands and natural resources are being taken away from them.

Mar 182013

Church is the body of the Christ. The body of the Christ is made of various different parts, all precious but all different. My journey in this new land started from a small group set up for Korean women by the Lakemba Uniting Church, where I helped as a volunteer. With learning experiences of isolated and vulnerable